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1."At Shetoro's Crib (A Poem)" (featuring Carolyn Rodriguez)3:20
2."The Day of Unity" (featuring Carolyn Rodriguez)4:22
3."Garza West" (featuring Juan Gotti)4:58
4."When Devils Strike"4:24
5."Something About Mary" (featuring Baby Bash & Russell Lee)4:42
6."SPM Diaries" (featuring Rasheed)4:26
7."In My Hood"5:44
8."Carolyn's Hook" (featuring Carolyn Rodriguez)5:40
9."Real Gangsta" (featuring Juan Gotti)4:28
10."S.P. So Bastardly" (featuring Coast)4:55
11."Blazin' Janey" (featuring Carolyn Rodriguez & Powda)3:44
12."If I Die" (featuring Coast)4:27
13."Dope House Family" (featuring Baby Bash, Carolyn Rodriguez, Coast, Grimm, Juan Gotti, Low-G, Lucky Luciano, Powda, Quota Key & Rasheed)11:20
14."Shout Outz"6:48
15."Penitentiary Flow"2:07

When Devils Strike CD

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