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2What You Trippin Fo' 
3It's Like That

Featuring – Boo Rossini, Papa Rue*

4Drunk Man Talkin' 
5Vien Aqui 
6Black & Brown Rida Thug

Featuring – Mr. Kee, Smokey D.

7All My Nggz 
8That's What Hustlaz Do 
9We Don't Stop

Featuring – Juan Gotti, Merciless (3)

10Stay High

Featuring – Big T (3), Cadillac Joe, Chocstilli, Kilo (20), Tommy G (6)

11To Tha Grave

Featuring – Big C (4), Lil Bing*, Lil Villian*, Ikeman*

12In One Day (Lifetime) 
13Til The Game Changed 
14Take It Off

Featuring – Lifestyl, Powda (2)

15So Throwed

Featuring – Boo Rossini, Candyman (20), Pimpstress, Spiktakula, Tony Montana (2)

16La La La...

Lone Star Ridaz Wanted CD

SKU: 5050DOP
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