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1."S.P. vs. K-Luv (Battlerap)" (featuring K-Luv)4:51
3."Hustla World"4:38
5."Twenty-Eight" (featuring Carolyn Rodriguez)4:53
6."The River" (featuring Ayana Mack)3:31
7."And They Said"4:47
9."Till They Come" (featuring Carolyn Rodriguez & Laura Gonzalez)4:42
10."The S.O.N." (featuring Karen Goh)4:39
11."Don't Go Away" (featuring Russell Lee)3:31
12."The Poor Kids" (featuring Ayana Mack)4:40
13."My Homegirl" (featuring Russell Lee)3:52
14."To the Flame" (featuring Carolyn Rodriguez)4:41
15."If It Were You" (featuring Jaime "Pain" Ortiz)4:13
16."Addicted to Storms"4:06
17."Angels" (featuring Carolyn Rodriguez, Fred DB & Milton Bradley)4:34
18."Always So High"5:38
19."My Hoodie"5:41
20."For My Hood"3:59
21."Pure and Uncut" (featuring Carolyn Rodriguez)6:25
22."You Wouldn't Listen" (featuring Ayana Mack)4:21
23."Even From a Prison"5:47
24."Who Would Know"5:20
25."On Everything" (featuring Carolyn Rodriguez)5:47
26."The Son Shines"5:21
27."Hydro Buzz" (featuring Russell Lee)4:09
28."You Can Make It" (featuring Ayana Mack)5:35
29."Come Back Home"4:31
30."We Know the Price" (featuring Carolyn Rodriguez)5:17
31."No Love for No One" (featuring Jaime "Pain" Ortiz)5:03
32."Dead or in Prison"4:28

The Son Of Norma CD

SKU: 6061DOP
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