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1Intro (H.P. And Low G) 
2South Side Mexicans (Ikeman, Lil Bing and713)

Guitar – 2-Tone

350/50 (Max Manelli Of Lay Lo, Low G, Rasheed, and Boo Rossini) 
4As A Youngstar (South Park Mexican, Rasheed, Baby Beesh, Boo Rosinni) 
5Wanna Be A G (Rasheed)

Producer – Shadow Ramirez

6Where My Money Makers (SPM, Bing, H.P. And Ikeman) 
7Who Am I (Pimpstress) 
8We Can Ride (Fat Money And Lyfestyl)

Producer – BiggTyme*Recorded By, Mixed By – Big Mario*

9Nggz & Btchz (Low G) 
10Que Onda (Rasheed And Low G)

Guitar – 2-Tone

11Just A Player (Fat Texas And Lil Villian)

Producer – Fat Texas

12Where They At (C-Loc, Grimm, Rasheed) 
13Feria 2 B Made (Ghetto Thugs And Baby Beesh) 
14Bigtime (MddlFngz) 
15If Yo ?$#%! Gets Wet (H.P., Rasheed, And 713) 
16City Of Dank (SPM, Ikeman And Baby Beesh) 
 Bonus Track
17Simple And Plain (Lay Lo)

Lone Star Ridaz (Screwed and Chopped) CD

SKU: 5042DOP
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