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1-1Huff & Puff 
1-2So Much Love 
1-4Stay Real 
1-5Smoke On 
1-6Swang & Bang 
1-7What's Up 
1-8Shed Tears 
1-9On There Side 
1-10What We Gonna Do 
2-1Let's Lean 
2-2Can't Stop 
2-3Paper On My Mind 
2-5Da Man 
2-6Behind Closed Doors 
2-7Thug's Till We Die 
2-8Don't Boop 
2-9So Hard 
2-10I Don't Trick 
2-11All I Can Do 
2-12It's All Right 
3-1Screwed Up Click 
3-2Big Mouth 
3-3Good Part 
3-4Ride With A Playa 
3-5Tip It Up 
3-8I'm A Veteran 
3-9Old School Crew 
3-10Candy Coated 
3-11Still Talking Down

Freestyle Kings CD

SKU: 3007SUC
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