Exotic Pop DJ Screw Cotton Candy Blue Soda

Robert Earl Davis better known as DJ Screw, was a Houston DJ and the

innovator of “screw”.  In 2019, following the death of DJ Screw’s father Robert Earl Davis Sr, Exotic pop presented the release of the limited-edition soda to the families in honor of both men. DJ Screw’s Cotton Candy Blue Soda tastes like a cloudof freshly, slowly spun cotton candy.


  • The hallmark slowed down and chopped style of music

helped shape Houston’s hip hop culture and is now famous throughout the

rap industry.

  • DJ Screw began slowing down tunes in 1990. What started as special

mixes for friends, quickly gave birth to the screwed movement. He began

buying records, mixing them, and invited some MCs to rap over the songs.

  • This group of MCs would become the Screwed Up Click under Davis’


  • Throughout his career, Davis released over 200 mixtapes and grew a cult

following of listeners known as ‘screwheads”. He was recognized as an

official Texas Music Pioneer by former Texas Governor Rick Perry for his

great influence on the industry.

  • Robert Earl Davis died in the year 2000 at the age of 29. His legacy lives

on through his music and various annual events held in his honor.

Exotic Pop DJ Screw Cotton Candy Blue Soda


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