1 Dope City Intro
2 South Park Mexican, Lil Rob Makin You Sweat
3 South Park Mexican, Carolyn Rodriguez Pyramid
4 Carolyn Rodriguez, Juan Gotti, Zig Zag  Gangsta Girl
5 Coast Real Life
6 Nino , Fula Show & Prove
7 Major Riley, Low G How
8 Lucky Luciano, Grimm  Ridin Smokin Sippin Reclinin
9 Juan Gotti, Slow , Hook For My People
10 Shout Outs Much Love
11 Low G, Lucky Luciano, E-Rock To The Top
12 Merciless , Barba Azul, Chuco Bad Mutha F****
13 Coast , Quota, Carolyn Rodriguez Help Me Find A Way
14 Eternal , Carolyn Rodriguez My Dope
15 Grimm , Rasheed, Doom , Shadow Ramirez– I'm Not The One
16 Russell Lee, Powda  Got Whatcha Need
17 Various 4 Bonus Tracks

Dope City: Purest in The Game