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1-1Texas Raised 
1-2Seat Belts On 
1-3Staying Paid 
1-4Gonna Show You 
1-5After The Club 
1-6I Done Grabbed The Mic 
1-7Bring On The Drama 
1-8Things Have Changed 
1-9Sick And Tired 
1-10Dirty South 
1-11Closer Baby 
1-12Dream And Pray 
1-13Living This Life 
 Disc 2
2-1Man We Got 
2-2Feel The Pain 
2-3This The Life 
2-4I Was Thinking 
2-5Its Nothing 
2-6Coming Hard 
2-7Gotta Come Through 
2-8We Just Gone 
2-9Fit To Get Out Of Here

11-16-09 CD

SKU: 3021SUC
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